Welcome to shopping insanity!
November 2, 2010
Welcome to shopping insanity. This year, Black Friday is November 26th - The perfect opportunity to work with your retail clients. Most consumers are on the hunt for the biggest sales, so you can team up with local stores to provide giveaways the shoppers will love. - Advantages Magazine-

Black Friday has taken on a whole new meaning in the state of Alabama. The “shop till you drop” day has recieved some competition as the ever popular Iron Bowl was moved to the day after Thanksgiving. Football lovers now have an easy excuse as the Iron Bowl is an easy precedence over the crowded shopping centers.
With the Iron Bowl and Black Friday, consider capitalizing off the momentum train by linking your brand or logo to the two dominant set of colors in the Heart of Dixie.
Why not have crimson and white umbrellas with your company logo on them. Or imprinting an orange or navy acrylic spirit tumbler. (one of the hottest Fall items) Take advantage of this opportunity and watch your
R O I increase.
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